Machine Introduction
Online CO2 laser marking equipment adopts newly designed hardware and software system, and adopts foreign laser as laser source. Peak power and beam quality can ensure that the processing effect on the surface of non-metallic materials is better than other light sources, and can meet the requirements of fine and beautiful marking.
Easy to operate: It has a convenient working platform. You can use computer, notebook or touch screen to operate it, and the software is easy to operate.
Low cost, long life: laser life theory up to more than 20,000 hours, the laser can be used in an inflatable cycle銆?/p>
No consumables, maintenance free: under normal use, the machine does not need to replace or add any vulnerable and consumable parts, simple daily maintenance.
Green energy saving: the power of the machine is only a few hundred watts, 100 watts of power below the model can achieve full air cooling.
Beautiful processing: peak value of power and beam quality, processing effect is exquisite, marking speed significantly improved.
Precise identification: the use of metal seal RF CO2 laser, stable and reliable performance, high repeatability and positioning accuracy.
Suitable for marking non-metallic materials and product surface: leather, acrylic, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, textile, plexiglass, ceramics, plastics, synthetic materials, wood, paper, PET, glass, cloth, rubber, etc
Dopsch laser is a laser marking equipment brand established by Shanghai Shoukun锛圫hanghai Shoukun Intelligent And Technology Co.,Ltd.锛塧nd German Laser R&D center. Dopsch is a modern large-scale high-tech enterprise, committed to laser application system, automtion supporting system and precision laser application system research and development, production, sales, sevice and providing customers a set of solutions and service.
Located in Shanghai Robot Industrial Park, Dopsch relies on its perfect application R&D design and complete supporting facilities, and introduce German laser technology to create a green, environmentally friendly,energy-saving and high-quality laser brand. We not only focus on traditional laser marking, welding and cutting equipment R&D and innovation, but also committed to promoting the industrial informatization, mechanization and intelligence development, providing customers a complete laser intelligent solutions.Co2 Laser Marking Machine supplier

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