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Each person uses various products and focuses on different brands. Eventually, special attitude forms between each product or brand, and a customer. In this paper, my relationships with McDonalds will be analyzed on the basis of four connection types a customer might have with a trademark. Find more descrioptive essay samples on
The brand that I have a strong attachment for is McDonalds. This relationship developed long ago, in my childhood when I started visiting this chain of fast food restaurants. If I were asked to describe my connection with this brand, I would say, it is diverse and complicated.. My first type of relationship with McDonalds is a self-concept attachment, implying that the product or a brand helps establish the identity of the customer. McDonalds brand helps clarify my identity, because I often use its services, and they are important to me. Moreover, McDonalds describes me an active person who visits its restaurants to eat quickly or to communicate with friends. Furthermore, McDonalds identifies me as youth, because young people are more likely to visit it. Thus, this brand summarizes me as a person who is busy to cook at home and whose income is not large enough to visit more expensive restaurants regularly.
The second type of my relationships with McDonalds is a nostalgic attachment. This type of attachment means that a product or a brand provokes nostalgia or emotional links to the past for a customer. For example, customer buys a product that looks like another or similar product that he or she liked before. For me, McDonalds creates a nostalgic attachment, because, when visiting its restaurants, I often remember my childhood, how I had dinners in it with my parents or school friends, what emotions we had, etc. McDonalds creates such attachment for me, because its general concept is almost unchanged. It sells the same products it sold in my childhood and the whole atmosphere is similar to one that was about 20 years ago.
The third type of my relationships with McDonalds is an interdependence attachment. This type of attachment means that the customer depends on the product in some way, and it is a type of everyday routine. Thus, the life of a customer without this product would be different. For McDonalds, I indeed have such type of attachment, because I visit its restaurants very often, almost every day. I am a busy person and I cannot cook regularly. Thus, McDonald’s restaurants save me by providing tasty foods for reasonable price. I can state that I depend on its services, and my life would be different without McDonalds.
The fourth type of customer attachment that presents my relationships with McDonalds is so-called love attachment. It means that a product or brand evokes love, warmth and other similar emotions for customer. For McDonalds, this attachment is present for me, because I have different positive emotions when I visit its restaurants. In general, I experience positive emotions during my visits. It is love, because I love its foods and atmosphere, and I often see happy people and kids when I visit McDonalds. I also experience love because I like the atmosphere and personnel.
In conclusion, customers are often attached to different products and brands, and they play important roles in their lives. Such relationships can be of self-concept, nostalgic, interdependence and love attachment. McDonalds is a brand to which I am strongly connected. I can fairly state that I have all types of customer-brand attachments to McDonalds.

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