Mama Aabid




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Mama Aabid is unique and one of the best ever living herbalist healer like no other in the world today. He checks using Ancient methods and he can tell all your problems or anything about your life before you say anything to him, he communicates any time with the spirits. Prof Manana has been tested and challenged by many but he always come on top on his work and approved by all traditional healers’ associations and organizations in South Africa and Africa in general. He is specialized in the following

·        Bring back lost lover in (3days).

·        Strong love spells/Marriage spells

·        Do divorce or stop it

·        Make him/her love you alone.

·        Business and money boosting and customer attraction

·        Stop court cases (same day)

·        Get a partner of your choice (3days).

·        Business and financial boosting and customer attraction.

·        Get a job or promotion at your work

·        Do have bad luck we can stop it and turn it into good luck.

·        Remove tokoloshe, cleansing of homes premises.

·        Pass all assignments: Work interviews, school exams, soccer interviews

·        Win chance and games (lotto, casino, soccer bet, etc)

·        Ultimate powers for Leadership, preachers, sangomas,(course for well-known today)

·        Quit smoking and alcohol

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